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Handimark Logo Picture of HandiMark Printer



Now with the HandiMark Portable Label Maker you can create labels for any area of your facility. It is a powerful marking system that lets you create custom labels whenever you need them. In the office, throughout the plant, or even in the field - portable HandiMark tags along with you to ensure a safer working environment - no matter what spot you're in.

Best of all, the HandiMark Portable Label Maker fits in the palm of your hand. It's lightweight and runs on a rechargeable battery or AC power supply giving you the flexibility and convenience of taking the unit along wherever labeling is needed.

  • Tapes are available in 0.08" to 1.70" width
  • Over 100 built-in symbols and pictos
  • Built-in bar code 3 of 9 symbology
  • 12 resident operating languages
  • Built-in pipe marker application

HandiMark Portable Label Maker gives you custom office labeling or facility and safety identification. Handimark does it all right where you need it and at a surprisingly affordable price. Create pipe markers, valve tags, maintenance labels, equipment labels, instruction labels, warehouse labels, safety labels, and more.

Handimark 			produces small 	safety signs Handimark 			produces bar code labels Handimark creates 	plug I.D. labels
Small Safety Signs Bar Code Labels Plug I.D.
Handimark creates 			production labels Handimark creates equipment 		I.D. Handimark creates assest 		I.D.
Production Labels Equipment I.D. Asset I.D.


Unlike competitive products designed for office use, the HandiMark Portable Label Maker uses Brady's easy-to-load ribbons and high quality, industrial strength tapes and adhesives for maximum durability. Choose from sizes up to 2" wide in 12 safety colors.

Handimark indoor/outdoor grade tapes Handimark indoor/outdoor grade tape


  • Labels adhere well to pipes, walls, equipment, windows - most clean dry surfaces
  • Conforms well to irregular, curved or rough surfaces - it even stands up to grease, oil and most industrial chemicals
  • Five-year average outdoor durability in temperatures from 180F to -40F (82C to -40F), can be applied as low as 0F (-18C)
Handimark reflective tape Handimark reflective tapes
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Reflective capabilities are ideal for reading labels in low light conditions with a flashlight or from a vehicle
  • Applications include utility pole and box labeling, door labeling, labeling rooftop equipment and equipment that needs to be viewed from a road side


Handimark industrial grade ribbons ribbons
  • Super-tough, smear-proof ribbons ensure your printed text lasts for years outdoors and in industrial areas
  • One size fits all tape widths
  • Available in seven colors
  • Standard package: 75 ft. (23m) per cartridge