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Graphical Lockout Procedure Services Logo

Increase Production – Using visually instructive lockout procedures, your employees will significantly recover valuable production by reducing the time to safely, quickly and consistently lockout their equipment.

Photo of Lockout Products

Maximum Value - Brady’s engineering group has created and installed over 15,000 procedures. We utilize the latest tools and digital technology ensuring our customers the most cost-effective lockout procedures

Fast, Effective Compliance – Brady’s lockout services dramatically decrease the amount of time you need to implement a thorough, OSHA compliant, lockout program at your facility.

OSHA’s Lockout/Tagout standard requires companies to maintain a list of all equipment that needs to be locked out, as well as specific lockout procedures for each of those pieces of requipment. Brady’s Identification Services Group creates OSHA compliant LOTO procedures that significantly recover valuable production time by reducing the time to safely, quickly and consistently lockout the equipment at your plant. Brady’s professional engineers will come to your facility and:

  • Perform a Zero Energy State Assessment – Our hands-on test determines each equipment's ability to arrive at a state of zero energy.
  • Develop Graphical Lockout Procedures - Utilizing the latest hand-held electronic tools and digital technology, our engineers quickly create effective and easy-to-understand lockout procedures for each piece of equipment.
  • Install Lockout Procedures – Our crews strategically install the graphical procedures at the optimal location on the equipment, ensuring maximum operator usability and benefit.
  • Create & Install Energy Source Tags - Brady crews create and install color-coded energy source tags at each lockout point to visually, safely and quickly direct authorized employees to the correct energy source.
Photo of Lockout Program

Automating your lockout program will provide you with a significant return on your investment. Calculate your own cost savings using Brady’s graphical lockout procedures (Click Here or compare your facility to the cost savings example shown below.



Example based on a 900,000 sq. ft. packaging facility.

Lockouts performed per shift:


Time saved per lockout using Graphical lockout procedures:

3 minute

Shifts per day:


Production days per week:


Production cost per unit:


Units produced per hour:


Using Brady graphical lockout Procedures you will increase production by:

156,000 units/yr.

The production cost Improvement alone will be:


Get started now!

If you have an up-to-date equipment list, send us an up-to-date equipment list and we’ll provide you a firm proposal to create machine-specific lockout procedures at your facility. Or, we can also help you develop an accurate equipment list necessary for Lockout regulation compliance. Either way, contact Brady’s Identification Services Group and let us help you improve your lockout program and safely increase your facility’s production.

Machine Guarding Services!

In addition to our lockout services, we can offer you a comprehensive, turnkey machine guarding program that will both safeguard your employees and bring you into compliance. We are experienced in utilizing many forms of safeguarding ranging from simple barrier guards to complex electronic sensing systems and including, electrical interlocks, pressure-sensitive mats, PC and PLC controls, optimal and mechanical proximity sensors.