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Warranty Fraud Prevention

warranty valid Water Exposure

Brady’s B-350 label material will show evidence if product was abused via exposure to water. This can help prevent “no charge” warranty repairs for many electronic device manufacturers.
Picture of label that is Warranty Void
Label Switching - label valid Label Switching

Various Brady label materials can help prevent fraudulent warranty repair/replacement claims. By using a material such as B-7546 or B-7576, it will be impossible for someone to remove a label from an “in warranty” item and place it on an older “out of warranty” item in order to get a no charge repair/replacement.
label switching - label void
product tampering - label valid Product Tampering

Brady offers several label materials that chip apart when removal is attempted. These photos demonstrate a common application of covering a screw hole with B-352 label material in order to help identify product tampering. NT>
product-tampering - label void

Theft Deterrent & Diversion Control

Asset Tracking - Label Before Asset Tracking

Facilities Managers and System Administrators are commonly given the task to identify and track the company’s capital assets. Brady offers several label materials that are ideal for this application, making it impossible to easily remove an asset id label. Shown here is an example of a B-352 asset control tag.
Asset Tracking - Label After
Channel Control - Label Before Channel Control

Brady’s labels can help deter the theft of a product for eventual sale in unauthorized channels. Making it more difficult and risky for a criminal by using instructional self-destructing label materials, can force the criminal to look elsewhere for their illegal activities. Shown here is an example of a B-609 self-destructing label.
channel control-label after

Tamper-Proof Seals

Tamper-Proof Cargo Seal - Label Before Cargo Inspection

Self-destructing or tamper-evident labels can be used to seal shipping container doors after cargo has been inspected. If unauthorized entry is made, the label seal will show evidence of a potential breach in security.
Tamper-proof Cargo Seal - Label After
Tamper-proof Sample Protection Label - Before Label Sample Protection

When the integrity of samples is critical, Brady labels can help. Several applications where tamper prevention is critical include forensic toxicology, clinical trials, drug screening, or forensic sampling.
Tamper-proof Sample Protection label - After Label
Tamper-proof Protecting Adjustments Labels - Before Label Protecting Adjustments

When customers attempt to repair a product by themselves, many times the product becomes more damaged than originally. By sealing the adjustment locations, many times you can deter the customer from tampering.
tamper-proof protecting adjustments labels - After Label
Work-in-Process Packaging labels - Before Label Work-in-Process Packaging

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) can easily damage your electronic devices if improper handling occurs. By using Brady’s B-122 tamper-evident labels, you can confirm if your product was opened prior to reaching an ESD safe working environment.
Work-in-Process Packaging labels - After Label