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Tamper-Evident Label pictureTamper Evident Label Materials

These labels are designed to leave a footprint when removed. In addition, a pattern will appear on the top surface of the label in order to prevent it from being reused.

Don't want the hassle of printing labels, contact our Customer Representatives to help you at 301-670-6100 or Toll Free: 1-800-275-8911.

Visit our Security Applications section to learn more about some common applications.

Material # Footprint Temp. Range
F (C)
Stock Products
Matte Metallized Tamper Evident Polyester (B-438)
B-438 checkerboard -40 to 104
(-40 to 40)
Matte Metallized Tamper Evident Polyester B-7540)
B-7540 * checkerboard -40 to 104
(-40 to 40)
(Only Custom)
Gloss White Tamper Evident Polyester (B-7546)
B-7546 void -40 to 175
(-40 to 80)
Matte Metallized Tamper Evident Polyester (B-7576)
B-7576 void -40 to 212
(-40 to 100)

*Note: B-7540 is not available in North America.