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MVP Series Printer MVP Series Printer

The MVP series printers provide the best value in an industrial thermal transfer printer. Available in either 203 or 300 dpi, the MVP printers are easy to operate and loaded with features, including color-coded operator cues and an LCD display. The durable, die cast aluminum frame provides a rugged platform for printing in operations that require label production 12 hours/day, 5 days/week. Enhanced firmware ensures accurate printing on labels as small as 0.125"*. The 200MVP and 300MVP printers are application flexible and print on a wide range of materials from paper and vinyl to polyester and polyimide*.

  • Die cast print mechanism for improved print accuracy
  • Fast throughput - 32 bit RISC microprocessor
  • 4MB standard RAM memory
  • Auto sensing standard parallel and serial ports
  • Field installable options:
    • Rewind
    • Memory upgrades
    • Ethernet adapter
    • Cutter and catch tray
    • Value peel **

* Minimum 300 dpi resolution is recommended for printing 0.125" high labels or polyimide material.

** Notched materials and labels less than 1.0" in height are not recommended for the Value Peel.


Part Number Description
Print resolution - 200MVP 200 dots per inch (8 dots/mm)
Print resolution - 300MVP 300 dots per inch (12 dots/mm)
Printhead Thin film with Element Energy Equalizer (E3)
Maximum print width 4.09(104 mm)
Maximum print length 49.0 (1245 mm)
Maximum liner width 4.05 (114 mm)
Minimum liner width1.00(25.4 mm)
Minimum label length - 200MVP 0.250 (6.4 mm)
Minimum label length - 300MVP 0.125 (3.2 mm)
Total label thickness0.0023 (0.058 mm) to 0.010 (0.25 mm)
Print speeds - 200MVPSelectable print speeds at 1.0 increments from 2.0 (51 mm) to 10.0 (254 mm) per second
Print speeds - 300MVPSelectable print speeds at 1.0 increments from 2.0 (51 mm) to 6.0 (152 mm) per second