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Picture of CodeSoft 6 Codesoft 6 Enterprise

Codesoft™ 6 Enterprise incorporates Windows™ functionality and ease-of-use for designing and printing labels on over 650 thermal transfer and all Windows™ compatible printers. It supports 35 linear and seven 2D bar code symbologies, as well as all graphics and all text formats. ODBC compatibility allows for easy importing from other databases and spreadsheets. Batch Print Manager allows for the creation of custom batches for multi-document print jobs, using the label file name and label quantity as variable data. User Manager gives the administrator enhanced security capabilities and the ability to define access rights to label modification, printing capabilities, database access, interface customization and general use. HTML Forms Generator walks the user through an assistant to create a customized user interface for label printing. COMet captures data from serial communication devices (bar code readers, scales, thermometers) and links it to the labels.

Codesoft™ 6 Enterprise Features


  • ActiveX Automation Version 2 (Microsoft COM compliant) allows CODESOFT 6 Enterprise to be controlled by third party applications for automated labeling; such as Visual Basic, Visual C, Delphi, etc.
  • Multi-Document Interface (MDI) allows user to display several labels at the same time, giving users the ability to work on several files simultaneously and easily copy and paste objects between labels.
  • Document Browser permits one tab to list and access the different objects incorporated into the labels. On an alternate tab, the data sources allow users to control the link between the objects and the sources.
  • Design functionality allows users to create and color circles, rounded rectangles, polygons and oblique lines; and easily fit text into required box dimensions.
  • Preview feature allows user to view graphics and labels prior to opening file.


  • Works with over 650 Thermal Transfer and Windows compatible printers.
  • Microsoft Windows compliant user interface.
  • Supports 37 standard bar code formats, and multi-dimensional codes from eight of the most popular standards.
  • Available in 21 languages.
  • Built-in Database Manager and 32-bit ODBC compatibility makes it easy to design and utilize database information.
  • OLE Automation supports object integration from any third party Windows application.
  • Convert option makes it easy to open, print, and save non-Codesoft label files.

CodesoftTM 6 Enterprise System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000 or NT
  • Windows 95 with 16MB of RAM (32 recommended)
  • Windows 98 or ME with 32MB of RAM (64 recommended)
  • Windows 2000 or NT with 64MB of RAM (128 recommended)
  • Hard Drive with at least 130MB of free disk space
  • A VGA graphical screen or better
  • CD-ROM drive