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The newest addition to the industrial-grade make-it-yourself printer systems, the GlobalMark™ with advanced touch-screen technology can create professional labels with little more than your index finger. This label maker is powered by Microsoft Windows® CE operating system.

There are three models to choose from:

  • GlobalMark™ Color & Cut System prints in one color, multiple spot colors and blended color, with a built in cutter for cutting out images and sign letters.

    Add Markware™ Deluxe Facility Identification Software and you can import and print full color logos, artwork, even photographs. The MarkWare™ software also enhances your ability to precision-cut intricately detailed images. The tape save feature allows you to print "multiple up" labels.

  • GlobalMark™ Multicolor System prints the same color options as the Color & Cut system, including the optional MarkWare™ software enhancements, without the cutter.
  • GlobalMark™ Monocolor System prints one color only on one color tape. It is also capable of using the library of MarkWare™ ready-to-print templates.


Here are some different ways to use GlobalMark™ output in and around your facility:

Color-Coded ID Badges
Color Coded I.D. Badges
Buildings & Grounds
Buildings & Grounds

Check out the wide variety of materials choices.